The Kind Words

"Thank you Steffi! Fantastic pictures! I have never seen any wedding pictures that even come this close. AMAZING! Thumbs up to you!!! "
~ Sally Frazier

"I opened them and was in total awe once again. I have to say we have never had anything like this done before. Words can not express how much those pictures mean to my family. The one that really touched me is my daughter rubbing her dad's head. She often lays in his lap and rubs his head. Capturing her doing that for the first time in seven long months brought tears to my eyes. I know it was a long year for me I can't imagine their little feelings.
You are a wonderful person and I greatful for what you have done. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.
~ God Bless You,
Randi Smith (Operation: Love Reunited Recipient)

"Everyone LOVED your pictures. The boys, especially Ben, don't enjoy getting their pictures taken. However, it was apparent they were having a good time with you. I can't thank you enough for actually making the experience fun. You are very gifted. Thanks again!"
~ Shelley Hayen

"Thanks so much for your wonderful work!!! I love all the pictures!!! Now I have to decide which ones I want. Thanks again, I have never been happier!!!
~ Danielle Lummus

"The pictures are awesome. I think you made my wife's year!"
~ Rocky Corpe

"Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can I pick, oh my gosh, they are so great, I love them. I cried. Thank you so much. Girl you are great, and I love you and your work! I showed your pics off like crazy tonight and bragged you up big time, but I really didn't have to. They all know Trevor and was in awe of his pictures. The pictures showed it all, how great and relaxed you are. And, the people love that. . . not the fake stuff."
~ Rhonda Reeter

"Thank you for everything you've done to make sure that they have an absolutely perfect, beautiful day. You have been truly amazing!! You're caring about even the most miniscule of details is why we are thankful everyday that we chose you instead of one of the other studios. I guarantee you no one else would care as much as you have. Thank you!!! Best Wishes."
~ Angela Turner

"I just want to thank you and your hubby for doing an AMAZING job! Everyone had so much fun and we continually get people asking who the photographers were and where you are from!! Everyone was so comfortable and relaxed! It was truly a great time and even Ryan (who doesn???t do pictures, it???s not his favorite thing) had a great time! I know the images you guys have will be absolutely amazing! Another thing people keep asking about is the guest book. I have had so many people say, ???We loved your guest book, who did it???? We love it!"
"We received the wedding DVD the other day, and I just wanted to say thanks! It is amazing! I absolutely love it and can't stop watching it! I'm really excited to see the album as well. Thanks so much."
~ Tiffany Morris

"Your pictures are unlike any others I've EVER seen from around here. They are truly ART!!! You are so very talented and we are lucky to have you local!"
~ Kristi Sampsel

"We have viewed her pics about 10 times in the last hour, and I see something different in them each time. They are amazing! Thank you for bringing her out of her comfort zone a little. We try very hard to make sure she knows how special she is in every way. Thanks for bringing that message home for her! Have a good evening and we will enjoy looking through her pics for a good while.
~ Rhonda Dodson

"THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU DID LAST NIGHT!!!!! Marla and Brian were walking on cloud nine. I so appreciate all your kindness that you give through your photography business. You have touched many lives last night. Thank you and Blessings to you."
~ Jeannie Thieme

"I LOVE how my pic turned out! My parents love them too!!!"
~ Jessica Copeland

"Steffi, You did an amazing job. I have no idea how I am going to pick. Thank you so much. I really like the black and white!!! "
~ Amy Montgomery

"I got my order very quickly and they look great! You did an awesome job! It was so hard to choose what pictures to order because they were all so good."
~ Jenny Hill

"Thanks for everything. I loved my pics and you are amazing at what you do!"
~ Cierra Adams

"I still cannot get over how FANTASTIC our wedding pictures turned out. You have a great gift!"
~ Matt Frazier

"These are totally awesome! It's going to be difficult making selections! Thanks so much, Steffi. You are very gifted. We are so happy with all the photos. We saw the one of Adrienne and Matt on your website! We love it!"
~ Nancie Saccaro

"People were amazed with your work!"
~ Alexis Midgyett

"Oh my goodness! How on earth am I suppose to pick out of those photos? You are so awesome. I don't know what I'm going to do when it comes time to make a Christmas card. Beyond missing my best friend, I also miss my photographer:) They were AMAZING!!!"
~ Jame Swilley

~ Adrienne Frazier

"Stef, I just wanted you to know we are so happy with the pictures. They are awesome, you are sooooo talented!"
~ Tiffany MeNeely

"Hey,I just wanted to let you know that I sent the pictures to my family and to Roger and Barb. May sisters comments where 'Is Emma ready for her close up or what?' and 'Who is your photographer? They did a great job at capturing the kids.' I just wanted to pass the praise along. Please know that Mitch and I think that same thing. I know that Emma didn't really want to pose and Brady didn't know what to do, but on several you really caught their personality!! :) "
~ Molly Bernskoetter

"Just wanted to let you know that I got the album in the mail today. I absolutely love it! It is amazing!! Thank you so much."
~ Ashley Olson

"Pictures are perfect and I am very excited about them. Thank you so much."
~ Cassie Murray

"The photos are beautiful. Thank you for doing such a great job."
~ Cathy Green

"Oh my gosh! Your cards are so awesome. I love them! Jozie went crazy over it!"
~ Rhonda Reeter

"okay so i was in my multimedia class today and talki nto my teacher about howi wished she would have a photography class..and she was like well i dont kno much about it. and i was telling her howi wanted to major in photography and stuff and said how there was a lady from chillicothe whos work i really liked and wanted mine to be a lot similiar..and i was like..and shes gonna do my sr pics..
and (my teacher is ronda copple). and i said...steffi harvey..and she was like..HARVEY HOUSE!?..i go yup! thats her..and she was like, wow she has some really awesome stuff, i really like her work..the first time i heard about her was at some workshop or something, and then everybody in my class got on your website and started lookin through your pictures and thought you ROCKED! made me super proud to know you=]..haha"
~ Chelsea Ward

"I just got through the first batches and they are all amazing! You guys did such a great job! We really appreciate everything and we can't wait to see the rest!"
~ Lacey Hill

"I did receive my book and it was amazing!!!!!! Everyone loves it and thinks it is really neat. You did a really great job!!! Thanks!"
~ Destiny Drake

"I am having such a hard time with this. There are so many great pictures. I filled a folder already and I haven't even made it to ceremony pictures. I loved my guestbook and I know you'll do a great job on this [wedding album]. Thanks for all your hard work."
~ Kristy Holsinger

"Wow, I checked out your web page and you do a beautiful job! I wish I would have found you 7 1/2 years ago for our wedding. Beautiful work!!!
~ Dawn Van Camp

"I was playing on your website the other day, it looks great. It makes me want to come have a photo shoot with you!"
~ Misty Dixon

"You are so talented and so energetic. Can you bottle that and send me some??"
~ Kathy Glidewell